12 Eco-friendly companies in Colombia and Latin America you should know

Reciclaje de plástico como iniciativa ambiental para reducir la contaminación

In recent years, there has been a plausible increase in environmental initiatives around the world, especially to address climate change. The Latin American region is not the exception to this trend. Many eco-friendly companies in Colombia and the rest of Latin America are innovating in the way they make business. In Latin America, the companies […]

5 Ways businesses can protect the environment

Bombillo incandescente mostrando que el consumo eléctrico representa mayor gasto

By protecting the environment many organizations are growing and saving money. But, what are the ways businesses can protect the environment? Is it too difficult or expensive to do so? Let’s look at 5 simple tips on what companies can do to preserve the environment. 1. Save on electricity consumption One of the most common […]

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