Revegetation project - Palermo Sociedad Portuaria


Environmental management


June 9, 2021



Embark on a comprehensive revegetation journey with our project, starting with the vital analysis and characterization of compensation areas. Our strategy encompasses the innovative design and implementation of semi-automatic bioclimatic nurseries, setting a new standard for ecological restoration. With the capability to produce over 16,500 seedlings per cycle, we focus on native species to ensure ecological integrity. Our dedicated team manages the entire nursery operation, ensuring each seedling thrives from production to planting. We meticulously prepare the land and implement planting, followed by rigorous maintenance to guarantee the best outcomes. Collaborating closely with Via Parque Isla de Salamanca (VIPIS), we strive to advance this project with a commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement, ensuring every step is a stride towards a greener future.