5 Trends in logistics for 2022

5 Trends in logistics for 2022

The last few years have been challenging for all sectors and have brought with them different trends in logistics for 2022 that have marked new ways of facing challenges. Aspects such as delays in shipments, shortage of inventory, ships and containers, among others; they have become challenges that will last until 2022.

The 2022 Annual Third-Party Logistics Study report, one of the most important studies of trends related to the supply chain, delves into how organizations can collaborate to generate value and has highlighted aspects such as investment in smart technologies, care for the environment environment and social focus. The objective of all these aspects will be to increase the efficiency of the services, focusing on reducing costs, customer satisfaction, and ecological awareness; achieving greater profitability for companies.

Therefore, we bring you the 5 trends in logistics for 2022 that you cannot miss.

1. Digital evolution in the supply chain

With the digital transformation, new technologies can be applied in each of the processes that are carried out. IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, robotization and massive installation of 5G networks are part of the new digital tools to increase efficiency, analyze data, increase security and generate greater impact. To achieve this, companies must prepare themselves with logistics personnel trained in technology and automation. The most valued profiles will be those that develop intelligent environments with the use of IoT and provide differential value throughout the process.

2. Green logistics and sustainable development

The development of sustainable and ecologically aware actions are one of the most relevant actions in any of the industries. Consumers are increasingly aware of the effects that consumption brings to the environment. For this reason, the logistics sector bets on different sustainable methods and products that become a differential and, in turn, a competitive advantage in the market. For example, the use of sustainable transport, efficient logistics chains, sustainable packaging, etc. One of the trends in logistics that you cannot stop applying. You will be interested in reading Puerto Brisas Project.

3. Social responsibility and logistics

Logistics and port companies are prioritizing their corporate social responsibility programs which include corporate, social and environmental governance with clear goals and objectives. All this in order to generate a greater impact, reduce costs, increase profits and obtain greater competitive advantages.

4. Investment in infrastructure

In different parts of the world, actions are being carried out to promote new forms of infrastructure that are aligned with new trends. For example, smart ports. But what are smart posts? Smart ports are all those ports that use technology to transform traditional port services into interactive and dynamic services, making them more efficient and more transparent.

All this is aligned with the new regulations regarding care for the environment and green logistics.

5. Containers, trucks, machinery, and smart drones

Although many things seem like something out of a movie, advances are already beginning to be seen in autonomous driving vehicles, drones for controls or deliveries, cobots that support the loading and unloading of merchandise and all logistics in warehouses, as well as intelligent containers that manage to collect information during the transport of the merchandise that range from temperature, vibration, air pollution, inclination, etc.

Knowing the current trends in logistics helps us understand where the market is going and what we can apply to generate a greater impact on our businesses. Now that you know them, what will be your steps to follow to implement any of them?

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