Commercial law in the contemporary world

Commercial law in the contemporary world

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Commercial law in the contemporary world has changed considerably. The way legal persons interact has evolved and mutated towards a digital and soon metadata transformation. Technological advances throughout this century have undoubtedly marked a transformation in humanity, the way of communicating, the means of production and marketing.

In some future scenarios, it is mentioned that justice will be administered by machines whose function is to solve the controversies of everyday life with standard parameters. Other scenarios reflect a series of data applying analogy to cases with similar facts and causes, which would eliminate various stages and actors of the judicial processes as we know them. Therefore, today more than ever it is important to understand the role of commercial law and how it influences the business world.

What is commercial law?

Commercial law governs the relationships between legal entities/entrepreneurs and people from their essence to activities, legal acts, etc. This area governs things such as the legal constitution of a company, licenses, negotiations, contracts, commercial operations and compliance with regulatory and legal provisions, etc.

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Behavior changes applied to commercial law

In the commercial world, today electronic commerce is showing an increasing trend. It leads the marketing, distribution and payment channels for products and services. In addition to the above, the pandemic accelerated the use of technology for commerce. Commercial law in the world was no exception. Contractual and legal relationships have made use of all kinds of technological tools to meet the needs of the market.

Examples of digital transformation in commercial law

  • Commercial Law mutated towards digital transformation with aspects such as:
  • Contracts are no longer signed in manuscript but digitally and from anywhere in the world.
  • Purchases today are made with a simple click.
  • Product offers are no longer searched on the shelves of a store, but on a digital commercial catwalk.
  • Infinite possibilities of intangible services are provided digitally in these new media.

If this effect of globalization for commercial purposes is carefully analyzed, it ended up generating that the pioneering countries in technological issues are the most competitive or highly developed. This means that it is these countries that establish the conditions of the market and the ways of accessing it. On the other hand, countries that do not develop this type of technology are lagging behind. The challenge for its markets is to be able to access the global commercial village seeking to be at the forefront in the use of these digital media for the commercialization of its products.

Commercial law in Colombia

Colombia is still far from implementing a public policy and national identity that allows us to bridge the deep gap we have with the world powers in technological development. However, there are many companies that play an important role in supporting these actions.

Santana Galeth Asociados is one of them. It has become an advisory partner, consultant and project developer, which allows the interaction of subjects and actors of international trade, with local companies. It manages to build stable business relationships and at the forefront of these times, under the premise and synergy of learning and continuous improvement.

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