5 Ways businesses can protect the environment

Bombillo incandescente mostrando que el consumo eléctrico representa mayor gasto

By protecting the environment many organizations are growing and saving money. But, what are the ways businesses can protect the environment? Is it too difficult or expensive to do so? Let’s look at 5 simple tips on what companies can do to preserve the environment. 1. Save on electricity consumption One of the most common […]

The importance of environmental consulting, ¿Why is it necessary?

We live in a period of the history where environmental preservation has become more important as time goes on, and with it, the need for environmental consulting in many organizations. Climate change is a reality, and in the middle of 2022, we should not be speaking just about the challenges it will represent for us […]

Commercial law in the contemporary world

Derecho comercial para proyectos santana galeth

Commercial law in the contemporary world has changed considerably. today more than ever it is important to understand the role of commercial law and how it influences the business world.

Environmental project in Palermo, Magdalena

The revegetation project focuses on the planting and maintenance of species typical of the area of ​​influence that will allow, in addition to the restoration of areas and the conservation of species

5 Trends in logistics for 2022

The last few years have been challenging for all sectors and have brought with them different trends in logistics for 2022.