Environmental project in Palermo, Magdalena

Environmental project in Palermo, Magdalena

Colombia has been recognized for having a broad and diverse ecosystem at the national level that stands out from the rest of the world. This extensive ecosystem means that within its 114 million hectares it has more than 58,312 species of animals and plants. However, pollution, plastic waste and deliberate deforestation are some of the biggest challenges Colombia faces to mitigate the impact on the environment.

For this reason, companies such as the Port Society of Palermo, in alliance with Santana Galeth Asociados, create an environmental project in Palermo Magdalena. This project consists of a revegetation or reforestation program as a compensatory environmental measure for the establishment and development of native wild species in sectors with ecosystem development in its area of ​​influence.

What does the revegetation project in Palermo Magdalena consist of?

Palermo is located on the eastern bank of the Magdalena River in front of Barranquilla. It is a district of Sitionuevo Magdalena that due to its geographical position has become a port epicenter.

The revegetation project focuses on the planting and maintenance of species typical of the area of ​​influence that will allow, in addition to the restoration of areas and the conservation of species typical of these ecosystems surrounding the port, to generate employment and development in the community.

This project has brought with it timely and necessary social, economic and environmental impacts to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants. The revegetation of the area acquires great importance in compliance with environmental laws for the protection of the environment, by minimizing the impact of the soils in the area and restoring the balance in those that have been degraded by different effects.

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What impact has the project generated?

The project has been developed in different phases achieving significant progress:

PSP nursery

Within the progress of the project, the construction of a nursery was achieved that serves for the production and maintenance of the seedlings that are required during the revegetation project. Pre-planting progress (conditioning), achievement and delivery of 15,000 mangrove individuals.

Plant seedlings

With personnel from the area of ​​influence of the project, with knowledge of both the area and the planting activity, this stage of the project was executed. This is one of the most important impacts because hiring only personnel from the area generates decent employment and development for the community.

Tropical dry forest

In a second phase of the project, the seedlings produced in the nursery will be implanted in the tropical dry forest.

Importance of developing this type of projects

Environmental, social or economic management projects can encompass many aspects. The important thing is to analyze the area of ​​influence and really see what can be developed that generates high value.

Similarly, the importance of environmental consulting in any project, or even the processes of the organizations are also a requirement for reducing or repairing the environmental impact of our activities.

Now that you know the impact generated by the environmental project in Palermo Magdalena, what projects do you have in mind?

Through Santana Galeth Asociados we accompany you from the formulation, development and implementation of this type of project. If you want to know more, let’s schedule an appointment and talk.


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